Spring 2023

Accomplishments | The Paiute Trail
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Paiute Trail Committee

2021 Accomplishments

2021 was another very busy year for the Paiute Trail Committee. The following is a list of the major accomplishments.

2021 Grant Awards

  • Great Western & Gooseberry Signing: $26,231
  • West Paiute Signing Upgrade: $24,974
  • Helmet Program: $12,245
  • Map Book Reprinting: $25,000
  • Three Kiosk Grant to place information kiosks at Butch Cassidy Boyhood Homestead, the Marysvale East side trailhead, and City Park in Kanosh: $13,613

Did You Know..?


began in Circleville, summer of 1988


connects 16 small southern Utah communities


mile network


112 peaks in Utah over 12,000 feet, 2 of which – Delano and Belknap – are on the Paiute Trail


The Tazz Fremont Indian pictograph is ~700 years old.


We partnered with the Tushar Mountain Club to purchase land in Beaver for a new trailhead.

Completed Projects

  • After five years of work, we completed the Cove Fort project, which included signs along the highway from Cove Fort to the Chevron Station at the I-15 interchange, a kiosk at the Chevron Station rest area, and the signing of PST#20 through Dog Valley and Bull Valley.
  • Working with the Forest Service, we upgraded bulletin boards at Bicknell Bottoms, Sand Creek, and Yogo/UM divide on the Great Western Trail. The committee provided $1,300 for these upgrades.
  • Again, working with the Forest Service, we helped upgrade the Gates Lake Trail Head, including a new toilet and a facelift on the kiosk. We provided $24,783 in materials and volunteer labor on this project.
  • New trail brochures were printed. There is now enough supply to support trade shows, jamboree events, and more. The cost of this reprinting was $4,000.
  • New map books were printed and made available to riders visiting and riding the four great trail systems that create riding opportunities in south-central Utah. This includes the Paiute, the Great Western, the Gooseberry, and the Parker Mountain systems. We spent $25,000 for this map book upgrade and printing.
  • We purchased the signs needed for the Piute Tribal Lands on PST #12 west of Joseph and the Clover Leaf RV Park near Koosharem Reservoir, honoring our long-running commitment to the Piute Tribe.
  • We purchased “Reward Signs” and “Smile, You’re on Candid Camera Signs” to be placed on the trail this coming year. This is an effort to get on top of barrier circumvention and damage to trail infrastructure that has been increasing in the past years.
  • The kiosk at Saul’s Meadow was finally installed, completing a previous year’s FIG grant.
  • We had our trailer at the Fillmore, Marysvale, and Richfield Rocky Mountain Jamboree events and were successful in getting our message out and selling some new products, including stickers and neck gators.
  • We took the Paiute message to County Commissioners in Sevier, Piute, Beaver, Millard, Wayne, and Garfield Counties. These local agencies are committed to helping us with our message and mission.
  • Management of the “Fishlake Discovery Association” continues, but activity has been light because Covid has kept the outlets closed. Our thanks to Teressa McMullen for her efforts with this interpretive association program.


We held our Annual Banquet in September after missing the event in 2020 due to Covid. It was held at the Snow College Events Center and was a huge success with a net return of $20,500, all of which goes back into the trail infrastructure program.


  • Three new members were inducted into the Paiute Trail Hall of Fame: Dick “Cut” Cutting, Sherri Ashworth Gillians, and Don Jamison.
  • Fred Christensen was selected to sit on the State OHV Board.
  • Kevin Jones served as Committee President and Doug McMullin as Vice President. Both did a great job! Mike Winget replaced Mark Falleroni as a member of the board.


The Paiute Trail Committee, through partnerships, grants, and direct funding, spent $143,651 along with estimated volunteer labor of $12,000 for a total of $155,651 toward the maintenance of the Paiute, Gooseberry, and Great Western Trails.

Thank you!

We appreciate our great partners, including the Fishlake National Forest, Richfield Field Office of the BLM, Sevier Valley OHV Club, Tushar Mountain OHV Club, Sand Rock Ridge Riders, and especially Utah State Parks and Recreation. By working together, we can and do make great things happen.