Spring 2023

Support | The Paiute Trail
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Lend Us A Hand

Help Us Keep The Trail Open for use

Your gift to the 501(c3) Paiute Trail Committee helps preserve and maintain trails, signs, cattle guards, and barriers, supplies picnic tables and map kiosks, and provides helmets for kids. Without your help, we cannot do this very important work.

Donate Today

OHVs are really important to the outdoor lifestyle as they provide a means for all people to experience it. The elderly, the seeing impaired, the physically challenged…. Everyone can get on an OHV and ride deep into nature.

Video: Inclusivity in the Outdoors 

Did You Know..?


began in Circleville, summer of 1988


connects 16 small southern Utah communities


mile network


112 peaks in Utah over 12,000 feet, 2 of which – Delano and Belknap – are on the Paiute Trail


The Tazz Fremont Indian pictograph is ~700 years old.

Riders who come in from out of town will inevitably spend money at local businesses, including grocery stores, restaurants, lodging, tire and mechanical repair shops, and gear shops. On an annual basis, OHV riders spend in excess of 30 million in the small towns associated with the Paiute Trail system. These recreational dollars are life blood to the economies of many small communities along the system. In 2021, the OHV community brought in more money to Utah than alpine skiing.  

Video: More Money Spent in the Community

It is not uncommon for local ATV clubs to sponsor trail cleanup days, serve as search and rescue, or volunteer their time during local events. Club members maintain trails, day-use areas, tables, bridges, and kiosks. Clubs also donate money and scholarships to groups and people in need.

Video: ATV Clubs Give Back to the Community