Spring 2023

Aurora Trailhead | The Paiute Trail
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Aurora Trailhead

Aurora Trailhead

The little community of Aurora on the north end of the Paiute Trail System has two nice trailheads for visitor use—one on the east side of town and one on the west side adjacent to Highway 89.

Aurora is a great staging area for rides on the main Paiute #01 trail. Unfortunately, the community doesn’t have fuel, food, or lodging services and amenities, so be sure to have those taken care of before heading into town.

Aurora Trailhead

GPS Coordinates: 38°55’16″N 111°57’0″W


The west side trailhead has plenty of parking space, and there are restrooms available. This trailhead is also right on the Paiute Trail, so a right turn leaving the west side trailhead will take you west into the foothills and eventually up Clear Creek to the top of the Phavant Mountains.

There are many side trails like Coffee Peak, Chalk Creek, Sand Rock Ridge, and Devil’s Armchair plus lots to see and do along the top of this unique mountain range. Enjoy scenic overlooks and the chance to see turkey, deer, elk, and other forest critters. This route affords riders a loop ride into Fillmore or a larger loop into Richfield and back to Aurora. Keep following the main Paiute #01 for 238 miles and then return through Salina to your parked vehicles.