Spring 2023

Great Western Trail | The Paiute Trail
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Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail

Great Western Trail

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What is the Great Western Trail? You ask.

The Great Western Trail is a national trail that runs from Mexico on the south, to Canada on the north, traveling along the Rocky Mountain Range. It is located all most entirely on public lands. It is a corridor of travel ways that accommodates all types of users, hiking, equestrian, and motorized. This corridor passes through the heart of Utah, from south to north and parallels the Paiute Trail System as it crosses the Fish Lake National Forest. There are several connections between the Paiute Trail and the Great Western Trail.


Great Western Trail MAP PENDING


The motorized route enters the area skirting along the western side of the Boulder Mountains south of Torrey, crossing highway 24 just south of Bicknell and around the east side of Thousand Lake Mountain. It continues north and west through the UM Valley just north of Fish Lake and then into the Gooseberry area. It is the heart of the infamous Gooseberry Trail System. The trail crosses I-70 just east of Salina and ties into the skyline drive on the Manti La Sal National Forest and continues north towards northern Utah, Yellowstone, and on to Canada.

The motorized route of the Great Western Trail provides some of the most scenic, breath-taking riding the area has to offer. If you’re looking for a mountain touring experience through high valley meadows, aspen groves, and shady pine covered two tracks, then the Great Western might be just what the doctor ordered.