Spring 2023

Gooseberry I-70 Trailhead | The Paiute Trail
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Gooseberry I-70 Trailhead

Gooseberry I-70 Trailhead

The Gooseberry I-70 Trailhead is located 9 miles from downtown Salina, Utah. 

In Salina, at the junction of Main Street and State Street, head south on State Street for approximately 2 miles until you reach I-70. Turn left (east) onto I-70 eastbound from Salina for approximately 6.5 miles. Exit I-70 at Gooseberry Road (Exit 63) and then turn right (south) on Gooseberry Road for approximately 375 feet. Turn left on the frontage road and travel about 0.4 miles to the dispersed campsite and trailhead. Watch for signs. This is a premiere trailhead for the Great Western Trail (GWT) and the Gooseberry Trail System.

This trailhead has a restroom and several developed camping spots with fire rings and tables. There is an information kiosk but no other amenities.  

From this trailhead, riders can access the GWT and other spectacular trails located on the north side of the Interstate. These are part of the Gooseberry Trail System. Riders can also go west to the Paiute #01 Trail and into Salina, which has all the amenities. Going east along the Interstate frontage road will give riders access to even more routes in the Gooseberry System.  

Gooseberry I-70 Trailhead

EXAMPLE GPS Coordinates: 41°24’12.2″N 2°10’26.5″E


This description takes riders south along the GWT into the Gooseberry area and some of the most spectacular trails in the motorized systems of south-central Utah. 

This is a width-restricted trail at 50”. If you have a wider machine, there are ways around the narrow parts. 

As you leave the trailhead, you will immediately get your machine wet as you cross Salina Creek. It can be a bit gnarly during the early spring runoff, but it is easily crossed once the water levels go down. The trail twists and turns itself higher and higher into the Gooseberry drainage. Riders will experience elevation and vegetation changes as the trail climbs to the Oak Ridge Trailhead some 10 miles to the southeast. Another short 3 miles will bring riders to the Brown’s Hole Trailhead. Another 1.7 miles and riders will reach the Niotch Trailhead. All of these trailheads are accessible from the Gooseberry Highway to Fish Lake, and all have restrooms and information kiosks.

There are more twists, turns, and riding options than you can shake a stick at. Most of these are 50” trails, but it is a wonderland of opportunities. You can take a loop through Brown’s Hole, Gooseberry Trail #7. There is the Flat Top loop from Niotch to the east Gooseberry Trail #8. There is a loop to the west called Farnsworth/Gates (Gooseberry #3) that swings riders in a loop to the southwest past Farnsworth Reservoir and onto Gates Lake.  

Just 1.2 miles past the Niotch Trailhead, riders can follow the GWT south across Yogo Pass and into UM Creek. Talk about a knock-your-socks-off ride. At Black Flat in UM Creek, riders can continue along the GWT or loop back across UM Pass into Seven Mile, eventually making their way back to the Niotch Trailhead. This is a loop of roughly 35 miles of mostly 50” trail. It has lots of overlooks with fantastic views and wildlife viewing opportunities and even some fishing at Gates Lake. What more could one ask for?  There are several restrooms at places like Black Flat, Gates Lake, and Farnsworth Reservoir.  

There is also a neat loop to the east on Gooseberry Trail #8 across the Flat Top and into Antone Hollow and back to the Brown’s Hole Trailhead.  

As you can see, the number of trails and the variety of routes available will make you crazy trying to make a decision. Just pick one and head out. You won’t be disappointed.  

Remember, most of these routes are limited to 50”.