Spring 2023

Koosharem Trailhead | The Paiute Trail
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Koosharem Trailhead

Koosharem Trailhead

The Koosharem Trailhead is located 2.5 miles up the main Paiute Trail #01 road leading west out of Koosharem. The trailhead is off to your right and not the easiest one to find. Once at the trailhead, you’ll see that the main trail leading out of this trailhead is a restricted 50” trail, but the bigger OHVs can take the main road up and the trails rejoin at Milo’s Kitchen, where there’s also a restroom. 

You’ll continue up the #01 again until you reach the junction of the #01 and PST #04. For this ride, we’re going to take PST #04 towards Big Lake. This ride is between 50 to 60 miles long with many side trails if you want to be adventurous.

Koosharem Trailhead

EXAMPLE GPS Coordinates: 41°24’12.2″N 2°10’26.5″E


Staying on PST #04 will take you to Big Lake where you can wet a line or just enjoy the views and the cool air. Keep your eyes peeled for huge bull elk and awesome mule bucks. There are restrooms available, and they’re usually in good condition. 

This ride is one of the most scenic fall rides as all the colors of the trees change. To get back, just follow the same trail back to the trailhead. Once loaded back up, be sure to check out several restaurants and gas stations in Koosharem as we need to support our little town businesses to keep them open for everyone to enjoy.