Spring 2023

Marysvale Trailhead | The Paiute Trail
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Marysvale Trailhead

Marysvale Trailhead

Ride the Cottonwood Loop from Marysvale Trailhead. From the trailhead (approximately ¼ mile east of Marysvale on PST #02) head west through Marysvale, across Highway 89, and  continuing west on PST #77. Just outside of the city, the trail winds through the foothills, eventually intersecting with Pine Creek Road. Turn right to continue on PST #77, up through historic Bullion Canyon. Rich in history, this beautiful creek-side trail was once an area where many came to seek fame and fortune by mining for gold. Pamphlets detailing various historic sites are usually available at the sign-in station near the intersection of Pine Creek Road and PST #77.  

A couple of miles up the canyon, you will cross Pine Creek. Immediately to your right is the trail leading up to Bullion Falls. OHVs can drive up this road where a roughly 300-yard hike leads you to the falls, which are quite spectacular.

Back at the bottom, heading on up (west) PST #77 brings you to Miner’s Park, which is a trip back in time. The Park has an old miner’s cabin and many of the tools and equipment these hardy, rugged individuals used to extract ore from the surrounding hillsides. There is also a restroom and some picnic tables, making this the perfect spot for a family stop.

Marysvale Trailhead

EXAMPLE GPS Coordinates: 41°24’12.2″N 2°10’26.5″E


Heading back down the trail from Miner’s Park, at the Pine Creek bridge, PST #77 goes to the right (south). A fun and delightful set of switchbacks take riders up the mountain toward Edna Peak (11,600’). Be sure to take warm clothes because it can get chilly at this altitude any time of year. Along the way, keep an eye out for a small trail on your left that goes to Hennessey Point, one of the most spectacular vistas on the Paiute system.

After the peak, you will begin to work your way across Alunite Ridge. Alunite was mined in this area during WWI and used to make aluminum and explosives. It was of sufficient national importance that federal troops were dispatched to ensure it’s safe transport. Along this portion of the trail, you will also see the remnants of a stamp mill, once used to crush the ore.

PST #77 then continues down the mountain, across Highway 89, and back in to Marysvale for the short hop east to the Trailhead.