Spring 2023

Beaver Trailhead | The Paiute Trail
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Beaver Trailhead

Beaver Trailhead

The Beaver Main Street Trailhead is located on the Southeast corner of Main Street and 600 North in Beaver City, Utah. The Beaver/Tushar loop is a 48-mile, 50” ride through the Tushar Mountains. 

Head east on 600 North PST #05 to North Creek Road, which is 1200 East. At the stop sign, look to your left and you will see a kiosk you can drive through to get on PST #05. Follow PST #05 up onto the Tushar Mountains. About 10 miles into your ride, watch for a right turn to the west for Lookout Point where you’ll get great views to the west and south of Beaver and Minersville and the Mineral Mountains. 

Continuing on your adventure, you will pass the Ice Caves where ice was cut from the lakes and streams and stored during the winter in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

Your next stop will be at Merchant Valley Trailhead with a restroom for a short break. The trail continues on the other side of Hwy 153. This part of the trail is still PST #05 until you reach Three Creeks Reservoir and the start of PST #88.

Beaver Trailhead (Long/Lat or GPS Coordinates Pending)

EXAMPLE GPS Coordinates: 41°24’12.2″N 2°10’26.5″E


On your trip to Three Creeks, you will cross the stream three times on 72” wide bridges. A hard right turn across the dam and you are on PST #88. Stay on PST #88 until you reach the junction with PST #67. Be sure to watch for deer and elk in the open meadows. This junction is a good place to have lunch at the picnic tables set up and maintained by the Paiute Trail committee. 

After lunch, head south through the 50” gate onto PST #67. The rest of the ride has 50” gates to limit access to these beautiful narrow winding trails. PST #67 will lead you to PST #68, which will take you through pine and aspen forests and several meadows. 

A trailhead with a restroom is located at the bottom of PST #68. Then, head back to Beaver on South Creek Rd to Main St. and back to the parking area.